Flexible Packaging Diagrams

Converting Capabilities

Converting Capabilities

Hang Holes and Handle Holes – PDF here

Pre Made Pouches

  • SIZE – Width 2” to 39”; Length 2” to 53”.
  • Bottom Gusset – 1″ to 6″ – 1” will not have k-hole punch, available with auxiliary gusset.
  • SEAL TYPE – Two or three side seal; with or without K-seal; doyen or skirt bottom seals.
  • Zipper Reclosable – Slider (Child-Guard, Slider Guard & Ergo), Flange, Double track, Pocket Zipper, Straight Cut Zipper (performs as laser scored, “Velcro”/Aplix (hook to hook) and other profiles available.
  • Pre-Opened Zippers (Press-to-Close only).
  • Appearance of “full bleed” – by removing the plate breaks (1/4” or 3/8” side seals).
  • Shaped pouches, rounded corners, removal of “hooks”.
  • Tear Notches or Slits
  • Flat or Stand-Up
  • Various vent holes, hang and handle holes.
  • Tamper evident – fill via opposite end of the zipper.
  • Pouches can be supplied on wickets as needed.
  • Angle cut bottom gusset (produce or diamond style pouch).
  • 11-30# large format pet foods bags with pinch bottom, terminated gussets, fold and glue bottom, micro perforations and date coding.
  • Spouted pouches
  • Flat bottom box pouch with one-way degassing valve, pocket zipper, PTC, Velcro, Aplix and terminated gusset or taped and rounded corners.

INNO-LOK® – Pre-applied zipper to roll stock

  • Save up to 50% in zipper material (vs. form fill seal (FFS)) with an in-line process. Rolls come with a zipper applied
  • Save up to 15% in packaging material with pre applied zippers vs. applying zipper inline on FFS
  • Does not slow down production time on a FFS line
  • Increases product sales
  • No Capital Investment for end user or packer to add a zipper onto a package
  • Various zipper profiles available

Quad Seal & Side Gusset/Side Seal

  • Replacement for 16.5-22# – extruded pet food diet, all plastic bags
  • Corner Tack Seals for easier sealing available (only on one end of the bag)
  • Vent holes and Handles – for ease of carrying
  • Width – 4.5” to 21” front panels
  • Length – up to 36” draw (bag length)
  • Side Gusset – 2” to 5”
  • Maximum web is 51”

Back Seam Bags

  • Cellophane and Oriented Polypropylene (70-210 gauge mono-layer films and laminates)
  • LDPE/HDPE/CPP Laminations for more hermetic seals (vs. non-laminates)
  • Lap or Fin Back seams
  • Foldover or Crimp Bottom Seals
  • Crimp Bottom Seals from .25” to .875”
  • Vent holes, Hang holes & Offset Back seams
  • Width – 1.25” to 12” Length – 3” to 48”
  • Side Gusset – 0.5” to 7.75”
  • Maximum web is 32.625”

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