Atlapac is an experienced, licensed Inno-Lok® converter.

Inno-Lok® runs on your vertical or horizontal form, fill and seal machines which allows for faster production over any other reclosable packaging method. Inno-Lok® requires no additional equipment expense!


Special Features/Benefits

• Increases productivity while reducing scrap.

• Save up to 50% in zipper material (vs. form fill seal (FFS) with an in-line
process). Rolls come with zipper applied.

• Save up to 15% in packaging material with pre applied zipper vs. applying zipper inline on FFS.

• Increases product sales.

• Thumb-tab or pull-tab openings.

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Atlapac Inno-Lok Converting
Preferences and Requirements

Atlapac Extended Roll
Unwind Chart

• No capital investment for end user
or packer to add a zipper onto a package.
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forming tube adjustment
information sheet)

• Various closure profiles available

Inno-Lok Thumb Tab Chart

Zipper profiles

• Non-hermetic

• Hermetic

• Powder proof

• Bag Top (requires
jaw modifications)




Differentiate your package and add value,
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