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Atlapac Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer and distributor of pouches and bags as well as an officially licensed Inno-Lok® converter of pre-zippered films.

July 30, 2021

Columbus, OH

In August of 2021, Atlapac Corporation, a leading manufacturer of bags, pouches and flexible packaging, has added another pouch line. They are also adding a new slitter, and an offline coffee valve inserter.

“Atlapac’ newest pouch line is 100% American made, and it runs recyclable/environmentally friendly materials. We already run straight COEX LDPE pouches on our lines here; but now with this new all servo pouch line we will be dramatically increasing our throughput and capacity plant wide. Plus, it will have enhanced engineering to run digital films, CR zippers, and other features” says Paul Unrue, President at Atlapac Corporation.

Atlapac is adding a new slitting machine to help handle the stock laminates they are now converting.  “We added a solventless laminator last year, but quickly learned we need added slitting capacity”, stated Unrue.

Lastly, Atlapac is bringing an offline coffee valve inserter as well to help its toll converting clients. “We make flat bottom coffee bags here. We even put valves in on the current line while running, but due to demand, and that some of our clients want standard pouches with valves, we decided to add this offline system to our repertoire”, stated Unrue.

Atlapac has 30 quality and food safety programs in place, the following are some of the programs: Document Control, Management Audits/ Monthly Audits, Good Manufacturing Practices, Pest Control, Chemical Control, Storage and Handling, Training, Quality Control, Customer Quality/Complaint Management, Traceability, Hold and Release Protocol, Glass and Brittle Plastics, Sanitation and Maintenance. Atlapac is committed to making food safe products for all customers.  Atlapac is a certified SQF facility.

Atlapac Corporation is a privately held, family-owned company that has been pioneering innovative packaging products for over 30 years.  Contact us at our Columbus, Ohio, manufacturing facility at 800-888-7019 or 614-252-2121; Fax 614-252-7289 or via email at Visit our web site at

Paul Unrue, President

Paul is a distinguished sales professional, with over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. From plain polypropylene film, to high end converted flexible packaging laminates, Paul has been involved with both domestic and worldwide brands throughout the global packaging community.