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Atlapac Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer and distributor of pouches and bags as well as an officially licensed Inno-Lok® converter of pre-zippered films.

Atlapac, an American contract manufacturer of pouches, bags and

Inno-lok® pre-applied zipper film, announces the arrival of Slide-Rite® Child-Guard™ Child Resistant Slider Zippers (from Presto Products).  The capability was added to meet the growing demands of a much needed child resistant flexible package for products that should not be consumed by children or taken without adult supervision.

Paul Unrue, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, stated “We have been in the developing stages of a stock bag for multiple markets to offer a child safe solution with a pouch. Presto’s Slide-Rite® Child-Guard™ Child Resistant Slider Zipper offers tested performance results, where both the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (16 CFR 1700) and the classification from ASTM (D3475) International have been validated by Presto.”

The innovative closure system is easy for users to operate by aligning the slider tongue with the groove, press down lightly on the slider’s top side and pull the slider across the zipper track.  Adult consumers (including seniors), will find the zipper easy to open, but it is extremely challenging for children age five and under as imposed by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

Child GuardUnrue also added, “the technology extends the opportunities and markets our partners (the printers and laminators of the flexible packaging industry) can pursue that were previously available only to rigid packaging.”

Markets or applications include: medicinal food products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemical, lawn & garden and household products.

Atlapac consists of a team of Packaging Professionals. With over 50 production lines making millions of packages every day, Atlapac is a food certified, quality focused, and centrally located manufacturer in Columbus, Ohio.

Presto Products Company is a market-leading supplier of products ranging from private label food and disposer bags to packaging closures. Presto, a business of Reynolds Packaging Group, operates six manufacturing plants and supports customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Presto Products Co., (800) 558-3525,

Atlapac Child Guard Converting Capabilities

Paul Unrue, President

Paul is a distinguished sales professional, with over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. From plain polypropylene film, to high end converted flexible packaging laminates, Paul has been involved with both domestic and worldwide brands throughout the global packaging community.