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Atlapac Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer and distributor of pouches and bags as well as an officially licensed Inno-Lok® converter of pre-zippered films.

Atlapac Continues Growth with Cutting-Edge Cannabis Packaging – Atlapac

Columbus, OH, Release: July 29, 2021. For immediate release

Our Story

Over the past 35 years, Atlapac has always strived to be your go-to in flexible packaging.

Lamination Capabilities

Our goal with this new area in production is not to compete with other companies, yet to provide our production team with a more rapid turnaround on our “bread and butter” items.

Our high-speed slitter (with in line micro-perforation) is perfect for doctoring all film coming off the laminator.

Why Nordmeccanica?

The Normeccanica 1100 excels at everything we need to achieve our in house stock needs.

Paul Unrue, President

Paul is a distinguished sales professional, with over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. From plain polypropylene film, to high end converted flexible packaging laminates, Paul has been involved with both domestic and worldwide brands throughout the global packaging community.