Polypropylene & Cellophane Bags

When you choose Atlapac’s Cellophane and Oriented Polypropylene bags, you get more than just another pretty bag. You get a flexible packaging solution from the country’s largest back seam style bag convertor. We offer FDA-approved films in a variety of thicknesses and properties to meet your product’s specific needs. We use proven processes and procedures in our AIB certified facility to ensure, quality, safety and satisfaction. With customizable features like hard bottoms, hang holes and vent holes and special packing, you can increase the functionality of the package. Labeling can be expensive and time consuming. With our network of printing partners, the possibilities are endless; short runs or long runs, 1 color or 10 colors, line print or process print, as well as digital printing and laminating. You can bring your package and shelf presence to life. With all of our capabilities, we can create a package, fit for you.

Special Features

  • Foldover Bottom Seal
  • Crimp Bottom Seal (several sizes)
  • Center Back Seam
  • Offset Back Seam

  • Variety of FDA approved film types
    and structures
  • Hang Holes
  • Vent Holes
  • Special Case Packing
  • Printing services – 1-10 colors


  • Maximum single web – up to 36.5”
  • Width: 1.25″ to 15″
  • Length: 3″ to 48″
  • Side Gussets 1″ to 6″