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Atlapac Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer and distributor of pouches and bags as well as an officially licensed Inno-Lok® converter of pre-zippered films.

Atlapac, an American manufacturer of poly packaging, pouches and bags, announces the arrival of a new sustainable line of bags and pouches. These new lines are being marketed as Terraphane™. There are two current Terraphane™ products coming from Atlapac.

Terraphane™ B09 – A single layer of cellulose material that is truly compostable. These Natureflex films are based strongly on renewable resources and are fully certified to the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) norms for compostable packaging. In addition they have been proven to be suitable for Home Composting and will also biodegrade in a waste-water environment.

The test programs for EN13432 and ASTM D6400 confirm the suitability of a material for composting in an Industrial setting (e.g. via Municipal collection). In an industrial composting situation the conditions can be optimized for rapid biodegradation and a high temperature is reached (typically circa 60ºC)

In many countries, however, consumers actively compost their garden waste at home, either in Compost Bins or Compost Heaps. These processes are more variable, less optimized and the temperature achieved is rarely more than 2 or 3ºC above the ambient temperature. Under such conditions certain compostable materials will not biodegrade sufficiently. Terraphane B09 films however have been tested and approved to the ’OK Compost Home’ standard, which repeats the EN13432 test protocol at ambient temperature. They can  therefore be successfully composted in a Home Composting environment and will typically break down in just a few weeks.

Terraphane™ P09 – A laminated stand-up pouch with a degradable zipper and a degradable plastic. Atlapac developed this alternative pouch to offer a stand-up pouch that offers an outer web of cellulose plastic that is water based glued to a inner layer of degradable plastic. Even the zipper has this additive to degrade. P09 will not meet the compostable designation (B09 does), because it will not degrade fast enough to meet the standards required. However, under the proper conditions, P09 will break down eventually (10-18 months).

The plastic layers (and the zipper material) were engaged in several renowned testing laboratories to independently establish the degradability. The tests concluded that the films were degradable under short and long-term aerobic conditions and asserted that they would degrade under anaerobic conditions over a longer period of time. In addition, the tests concluded that the films did not produce any toxic residue harmful to living organisms in land or water.

“Due to the fact that Atlapac can run so many different types of plastic films, a sustainable line made immediate sense here. We wanted to be diligent in communicating the differences between our first two Terraphane™ products”, stated Paul Unrue, CPP and Vice President of Business Development at Atlapac. “The B09 is a single layer of cellulose film is our fully compostable choice, and the P09 is different because we can offer a stand-up pouch that will degrade”. “One (B09) goes away in a compost bin quickly and the other (P09) eventually goes away”, added Mr. Unrue.

Atlapac consists of a team of Packaging Professionals. The manufacturing facility in Ohio runs millions of bags every month on over 70 machines.

Atlapac Corporation is a privately held company that has been pioneering innovative packaging products for over 25 years. Contact us at our Columbus, Ohio, manufacturing facility: 800-888-7019; 614-252-2121; FAX 614-252-7289 or by email at Visit our web site at

Paul Unrue, President

Paul is a distinguished sales professional, with over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. From plain polypropylene film, to high end converted flexible packaging laminates, Paul has been involved with both domestic and worldwide brands throughout the global packaging community.