Spouted Pouch Inserter

One of the latest innovations in the evolution and development of stand-up pouch technology is the integration of fitments into flexible packaging. Atlapac has an out of line process which means as a printer/laminator you can send in your premade blanks and we insert the fitment, or Atlapac can produce premade pouches and then insert the fitment. Spouted pouches continue to gain popularity in the US, call your Atlapac representative today to learn how we can differentiate your product from your competition. Products include baby food, fruit purees, icings, pudding, yogurt, spices, sauces and many other beverage and food products.



Special features

  • Runs fitment with 40mm “boat”
  • Other size fitments/”boats” can be engineered (requires module tooling)
  • Angled or straight spout insertion options depending on fillers equipment
  • 17-45 degrees between the bag and spout


  • Width – 4-3/8” to 9-3/4”
  • Length – 7-1/8” to 11-3/4”